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Wow it's been a while!!

Holy moly I didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted here.   My boyfriend had been out of work for quite a while so there had been a lot of stress going on due to that.  Thankfully he's working again and so far it hasn't been as bad for him (due to a couple mental/emotional issues he has) as some of the other ones so that's good!

I've been able to get my ideal schedule at work which is absolutely amazing.  Except for this week and next of course, 'cuz the gods forbid people actually give notice when they're quitting.  >.< *so pissed*

In other news I have begun bullet journaling.  It is SO amazing.  It has helped me in so many ways.  I am so thankful to have found it.  I am in love with it.

AAnndd beyond that I've discovered Gackt, Miyavi and Vamps.  My life is complete. 

Finally a break...

So my boyfriend has been out of work for quite some time. Finally last week he went and applied for assistance... then just a couple days later he finally got a job! Yay!!! He will be starting this week. I am so relieved! I can't possibly express how relieved I am. Not only is it a lot of stress off my shoulders (not having to, not terribly successfully, pay all the bills on my own) but I am finally going to have some time home along again. Which means being able to finally watch some Arashi and jdramas again!

It's going to be so nice having spending money again... omg yes....

Additionally I am feeling so much more free to be myself now, since realizing I'm agender. It's like... finally accepting that I'm not female makes me a lot more comfortable expressing all sides of my personality, mainly my feminine side. Weird how that works. It's sure been fun clothes shopping! :D


OMG So much has happened. I still have my awesome job, thank all the gods. BUT... my boyfriend just lost his, through no fault of his own. We had seen it coming, 'cuz his old boss is a you-know-what of the worst, worst, worst kind. But that doesn't make it any easier.

So happy boyfriend has applied for unemployment and we'll start looking for a new job for him in a few days (give him a few days to chill and stuff). To highlight what kind of person his old boss is, ... my sister also works there. And the old boss just assumed she would no call-no show and scheduled someone else on her shifts. Because boyfriend got fired. That's the kind of guy he is; to just assume this of someone who has showed up on time for every shift, completed all of her tasks, trained in new employees, stayed for her entire shifts, never showed up late, etc.

Yea. Awesome guy.

To be quite honest there's a part of me that's all like "phew...." that he's out of there. But at the same time we have been enjoying finally having two incomes again. So I suppose at least we enjoyed a few months of that LOL But, if nothing else we are quite adept at living on .. well. Nothing.

So, here's to hoping he gets a new job quickly!

Been a while...again....

Well, not a lot has happened. Got a couple Arashi CD's so that's fun!! Popcorn and Love are mine! ^^ Woohoo!!

Also got a new harddrive, so I am able to start getting my files again. Ugh. Better not break this one.. >.>


Okay. So. My fucking external harddrive died yesterday. Over 20GB of subbed Arashi content all organized, plus stuff from favored Japanese actors. I'm so fucking pissed and upset.

I was able to get a new harddrive, and I fucking got a nice case for it, as my old one died 'cuz of a short fall.

I'm so upset and pissed.....it took me months to collect all that stuff.....

It's been a while...

I realized it's been like two months since I posted something here, so I thought I should. Except absolutely nothing has happened. Well, we got a futon >.> That's it. (American style futon that is.)

Well, and my boyfriend bought me an adorable bento box so now I need to learn how to make sticky rice (for which I am just going to buy a rice cooker; I cannot cook any rice stovetop. It never turns out right.) and pack my lunch for work bento-style. Except it's smaller than we thought.... but. Ahh well. I suppose it'll help me loose weight, which is a good thing!

So yea. That's really it. Nothing else. So I'm gonna go eat lunch before work, and maybe watch an AniShi

Thank You

I don't know if anyone reads this blog. Probably not, but that's alright. I'm putting this here because, even if no one reads it, I know I've put it out there in the universe.

To everyone who does subbing, I want to sincerely thank you. Your hard work lets those of us who don't speak that language enjoy some wonderful things, and in many of our cases I know it also helps us learn that language.

So thank you, so very much for all of your hard work.

Thank you.

Been a long time!

Guess it's been a long time since I've posted here. We've moved into our own place again, finally, though we don't have nearly enough furniture to make good use of our space. In fact, we have almost no furniture including a sofa or bed! We just have two twin mattresses right now lol We had been expecting a large payment for something at the end of this month but it looks like that money isn't coming (which, needless to say we're quite unhappy about) but I have gotten a new job, which pays way better than my old one, so we should be able to at least get a sofa next month, then work up from here.

At least my job is walking distance away so I walk there every day. Since I'm not done 'till 3am D comes and gets me though LOL I'm not walking home alone at 3 in the morning. (Or he drops off the car, if he doesn't want to stay up.) So yea, there's all that. Nothing much else going on right now.

Well, I've become hooked on Kazoku Game! LOL The story is absolutely fascinating so I wanted to buy the book but when I went to look for it it's only available in Japanese and I just don't speak/read enough (YET!) to be able to read a book. So... maybe in the future I can get it! :D

So much going on!

You know, the more I've been using LJ the less I dislike it LOL (Notice my phrasing there? :P I still prefer Tumblr and Blogger. But that's life. If I want to be a part of fandoms [or at least a lurking part...] I gotta use multiple platforms!)

At any rate, I *have* wanted to get more active on here, but like ... no one I actually "know" is on here...so I guess that makes it hard to write actually in depth posts, ya know? At any rate, I *had* been trying to be more active and posting more entries, but things have been crazy. The boyfriend and I have FINALLY secured our own place to live again so next week we will finally be moving out of my friend's attic! Just in time for winter to really set in here in ND so I will be great to be in a place that has heat!! (The attic, while "finished" isn't connected to the furnace; it's an oolldd house...) So even though we have a space heater up here, having actual heat will be nice. Plus, our new apartment is fucking awesome! I will be so happy to be able to resume actively learning Japanese!

So yea... if anyone actually reads these and wants me to post about anything..feel free to let me know!


It's been a crazy few weeks. We got some money we've been waiting for so we have been doing a LOT of shopping. Since we're back in ND we've been having to refit our entire wardrobe for actual weather. Five years in San Francisco gave us a LOT of shorts and not a lot of pants, jackets, boots, etc. However, it HAS been fun, re-vamping my entire wardrobe. Getting clothes that fit properly and that I like. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable now, wearing these things. And my boyfriend and I have discovered that he picks out clothes for me way better than I do myself LOL

I am so freaking tired and I want to go to bed but I'm downloading something and it's like, 75% of the way there so it's like.... I don't want to stop it so close to being done! Ugh... hurry up already!!


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